10+ Best Sofia Tours For Your Next Visit [Updated 2020]

Visiting Sofia, but feel somewhat lost on what to do next?

You should attend the many INCREDIBLE Sofia tours!

There is a TON of Sofia tours for pretty much any purpose:

  • Walking sightseeing tours
  • Nightlife and bar tours
  • Food tours
  • Nature tours

…And so much more!

And to help you decide which Sofia ours you should choose, we compiled a list of the best Sofia Tours to help you navigate the city and spend your time in an efficient manner.

Let’s find out which tour will be BEST for YOU!

10+ Best Sofia Tours For Your Visit

#1 – Sofia Guided Walking City Tour

Sofia Guided Walking City tour walking through Nevsky Square

Tour Of: Sightseeing of the Most Famous Sofia Locations

Price: 58 BGN

Start Time & Date: Every hour between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM

Start Location: bul. “Nevsky Cathedral”

Sofia Guided Walking City Tour is the best tour for people with a tight schedule who want to get the most out of their Sofia visit.

How so?

Well it’s a small group tour, with no more than 10 people.

That allows the guides to cover Sofia’s most important central sightseeing locations and spots in just two hours!

You will be led by a professional English speaking guide who will gladly provide plenty of educational insights on the landmarks, as well as Bulgarian history and culture.

What makes this tour so amazing is its schedule, the tour runs TEN times a day, every day!

No matter how busy your own schedule is, you can always find a Sofia Guided Walking City Tour time that will fit you!

Learn more and reserve your spot here.

#2 – Sofia Pub Crawl

Sofia Pubcrawl - a tour of Sofia nightlife

Tour Of: A Pub Crawl to the Best Bars & Clubs of Sofia

Price: 20 BGN

Start Time & Date: 8:30 PM, Every Friday and Saturday

Start Location: Sofia Courthouse

Sofia Pub Crawl is one of the most fun Sofia nightlife activities you can find.

Here’s how it works:

  • You will meet at 8:30 PM in front of the Sofia Courthouse with a group of 20+ travelers from all across the globe who have come to see Sofia just like you!
  • The tour is led by an English-speaking guide who is very knowledgeable about Balkan culture and nightlife.
  • Sofia Pub Crawl will take you to the three of some of the BEST bars in Sofia. These bars change each crawl, so even if you decide to go 2 days in a row, you’ll get a different experience.
  • Your guides will not only get you welcome shots, but also entertain you throughout the night with conversation and drinking games!
  • At the end of the tour, you’ll end the night at one of the TOP Sofia nightclubs, where you will get a free entrance!

Want to give it a go and check out the nightlife Sofia offers?

Learn more here.

Or if you wish to go on a private crawl with just your group you can reserve your spot here.

#3 – Communist Walking Tour Of Sofia

Sofia Communist Tour posing in front of Red Army monument

Tour Of: Sightseeing of Communist Era Spots

Price: 22 BGN

Start Time & Date: 4:00 PM, Every Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Start Location: Sofia Courthouse

Communist Walking Tour of Sofia is a tour that will give you a unique experience of what Sofia and Bulgaria were like during communist rule.

It’s a three hour walking tour that will take you to various communist buildings and locations.

And the English-speaking guides will not only tell you about the history of these locations, but will also teach you about communism and how it affected Bulgaria.

Where else to learn about the Iron Curtain, other than from inside the Eastern Bloc itself!

Learn more and reserve your spot here.

#4 – Sofia Alternative Tour

Sofia Alternative Tour posing in front of Gifted center

Tour Of: Treasure Hunt/Puzzle Adventure through Interesting and Hidden Spots of Sofia

Price: 18 BGN

Start Time & Date: 2:00 PM, Every Monday, Friday and Saturday

Start Location: Sofia Courthouse

Sofia Alternative Tour is, perhaps, the most unusual but fun Sofia tour you can go on.

Instead of visiting the most famous locations, you will instead explore the hidden spots of Sofia.

On top of that there will be puzzles and mysteries for you to solve at these locations.

In a way, you will have a little quest to complete before reaching the final location.

The tour guide will be waiting for you at that final location to reveal the mysteries of the locations you have visited.

Sofia Alternative Tour lasts roughly 3 hours and provides a one-of-a-kind experience you will never forget!

Learn more and reserve your spot here.

#5 – Sofia Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour

Sofia Tour that is focused on traditional food dancing in Sofia center

Tour Of: Food Tour and Sightseeing of Sofia

Price: 80 BGN

Start Time & Date: 3:00 PM

Start Location: National Art Gallery

Sofia Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour is the tastiest walking tour of Sofia you can enjoy!

This guided tour will take you on a walk around Sofia’s most famous locations.

But on top of that you will get to sample the local food and taste Bulgarian wine!

From the iconic Shopska salad to the many Bulgarian meat selections and even Ayran!

Three hours of looking at beautiful architecture and snacking on the tastiest Bulgarian specialties!

What more could you ask for?

Learn more and reserve your spot here.

#6 – Traditional Food and Wine Tour

Traditional Food and wine Sofia Tour taking a break

Tour Of: High-Quality Food and Wine Tour of Sofia

Price: 96 BGN

Start Time & Date: 11:00 AM or 3:00 PM

Start Location: Sofia University

Traditional Food and Wine Tour is a food tour of Sofia for all the food aficionados!

This tour will take you to a traditional Bulgarian bakery, a pastry shop, a wine bar and a restaurant.

You will not only get to eat and taste the best traditional Bulgarian food , but also learn the deep history behind the unique culinary arts of the Balkans!

This walking tour is roughly 4 hours long and accompanied by an experienced, English-speaking guide.

Learn more and reserve your spot here.

#7 – Wine Tasting in the Heart of Sofia

Tempus Vini wine tasting Sofia Tour

Tour Of: Wine Tasting in Sofia

Price: 47 BGN

Start Time & Date: From 10:00 AM till 7:30 PM

Start Location: Tempus Vini Wine Point

Wine Tasting in the Heart of Sofia is a dedicated wine tasting tour of the best Bulgarian wine.

This wine tasting tour is held in Tempus Vini, a boutique Bulgarian wine shop in Sofia.

Learn about the rich 5000 year history of Bulgarian winemaking , while tasting 5 unique Bulgarian wines paired with traditional cheeses.

Any self-respecting wine lover should discover the hidden gem that is Bulgarian wine with this cozy wine tour!

Learn more and reserve your spot here.

#8 – Vitosha Tour

Sofia Tour of the Vitosha mountain

Tour Of: Vitosha Mountain Hike Tour

Price: 68 BGN

Start Time & Date: 9:00 AM, Every Day

Start Location: Nevsky Cathedral

Vitosha Tour is a hiking tour to Sofia’s very own mountain – Vitosha.

Sofia sits at the foot of a gorgeous mountain. It will take roughly 20 minutes to reach its summit by driving along twisty roads.

Vitosha Tour will show you the many incredible spots you can only view at Vitosha’s peak.

This includes the must-see Stone River wonder – an unusual formation of round rocks believed to be the result of glacier melting.

The hike itself is incredibly relaxing and the fresh mountain air is quite healing!

Learn more here.

Or, reserve your spot.

#9 – Sofia Communist Trabant Tour

Sofia Tour of Communist history in a trabant next to a Soviet statue

Tour Of: Communist Historical Spots of Sofia Tour…in a Classic Trabant Car!

Price: Free Public Tour or 300 BGN Private Tour

Start Time & Date: 10:00 AM, Every Saturday and Sunday.

Start Location: National Palace of Culture.

Sofia Communist History in a Classic Trabant Tour is as crazy as the name sounds.

You get to explore Sofia’s historical communist locations with the iconic car of that time period – the Trabant!

This is a truly authentic way of experiencing the history and culture of communist Bulgaria, guaranteed to “take you back in time”.

There are free public tours that last 2 hours, but you can also book a private one that will pick up you and your group from either the hotel or even the airport!

Learn more here.

Or, reserve your spot.

#10 – Sofia Evening Panoramic Tour and Folklore Dinner.

Sofia Evening Tour is showing a projector lit Vazov Theatre

Tour Of: Tour of Sofia Sights at Night with a Traditional Bulgarian Restaurant and Folk Dance Finish.

Price: 118 BGN

Start Time & Date: 7:00 PM

Start Location: Hotel Pickup

Sofia Evening Panoramic Tour is an excursion covering Sofia’s best sightseeing locations in a beautiful evening setting.

Everyone knows that a modern city shines brightest at night.

Sofia is no exception, the illuminated buildings and monuments from many historical eras offer a breath-taking perspective.

At the end, Sofia Evening Panoramic Tour will take you to a traditional Bulgarian restaurant where you can also enjoy a traditional folk dance show!

Learn more and reserve your spot here.

#11 – The Ultimate Sightseeing Sofia Tour

The ultimate sightseeing tour of Sofia looking at Vazov Theatre

Tour Of: Private Tour of Historical Locations with Cafe Breaks.

Price: 57 BGN

Start Time & Date: 10:00 AM or 2:00 PM

Start Location: Sveta Nedelya Square

The Ultimate Sofia Tour is an in-depth sightseeing tour of the most ancient locations in Sofia.

This 3 hour walking tour will take you on a journey to explore Sofia’s Roman and Byzantine ruins, ancient temples, and then moves on to the more modern historical landmarks.

You will be accompanied by a professional guide with a passion for history.

And at the end of this tour you will get to enjoy the view of Sofia from a rooftop cafe!

Learn more and reserve your spot here.


We hope you found this list of the best Sofia tours useful in planning your visit.

If you like this content and want to learn about which sightseeing landmarks to be on the lookout for in Sofia, check out this dedicated Sofia Sightseeing article!

And if you are interested in something besides the tours, please check out the Things to Do in Sofia article, to help enhance your experience!

Please enjoy the hidden gem of Europe that is Sofia!


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