31+ Top Sofia Restaurants in 2020 [Local’s Favorites]

Visiting Sofia soon and want to experience the best food it has to offer?

Well look no further, we’re about to take you on the best digital food tour of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Maybe you’re into fancy dinners on a Friday night? Or you’re looking for the best burgers in town?

Whatever it is, you’ll find it on this list of the best Sofia restaurants.

This list of joints includes my own personal favorites as a local, as well as ones I’ve heard awesome feedback about from friends, family, and so on.

For your convenience, we split up the article by types of food. So, feel free to skip ahead to whatever you’re looking for!

Table of Contents:

31+ Top Sofia Restaurants

Let’s kick it off with the…

Best Bulgarian Restaurants in Sofia

If you’re visiting Sofia, especially for the first time, then you HAVE to try some traditional Bulgarian food. Here’s a list of the best Bulgarian restaurants in Sofia:

1. Chevermeto

sofia bulgarian restaurant

Location: NDK- Pronoto, 1 Bulgaria Blvd (Sofia center)

Working hours: 12 noon to Midnight (Mon-Sun)

This restaurant is all about Bulgarian tradition – when you walk in you’re immediately immersed in Bulgaria’s rich history and culture:

  • traditional clothes, rugs, music instruments and historical photos decorate the walls
  • the plates and cups are all traditional old-fashioned Bulgarian
  • all the staff wear traditional Bulgarian folklore clothing

In terms of atmosphere, legends also speak of a full sized well and a 3 meter tall wine barrel, the inside of which is used as a seating place!

The food they serve is also entirely traditional – they offer all, and I mean ALL traditional Bulgarian meals, from salads to desserts, from the delicious wine kebab to the odd, yet surprisingly good katak.

If you’re looking for the full Bulgarian food experience, you can always order the rotisserie whole lamb that Chevermeto makes each evening, which is also where their name comes from (cheverme = a type of rotisserie used in Bulgaria for centuries).

It goes without saying that we also recommend trying rakia. Bulgaria’s own traditional very strong spirit. Think moonshine but a bit more hardcore.

What REALLY makes Chevermeto stand out, though, is the folklore dance show they organize every evening between 8:30 pm and 10 pm. Performers dressed in different traditional clothing dance various Bulgarian folklore dances, while the musicians bang the drums or play the bagpipes.

The restaurant is very foreigner friendly, the staff speak English and there’s English menus all around, so don’t be afraid of the language barrier!

2. Raketa Rakia Bar

Food at a traditional Bulgarian restaurant

Location: bul. “Yanko Sakazov” 17, 1527 Sofia Center

Working hours: 11 am to Midnight (Mon-Fri) & 9 am to Midnight (Sat-Sun)

Raketa Rakia Bar is another very well-liked traditional Bulgarian venue.

Don’t let the name fool you, while they cherish their alcohol selection here, Raketa is a fully stocked restaurant with all the traditional meals your heart might desire.

They have both inside and outside seating (smoker-friendly) with an awesome view to the adjacent park.

The menu is quite rich so we recommend going for all the meals you can eat!

Us Bulgarians do love our salads, so you’ll find a variety of them at Raketa. A must try is the traditional Shopska Salad.

As for mains, a must-try traditional dishes are the BBQ “kebapcheta” and “kyufteta” with “lyutenitsa” – basically BBQ-ed meats with a red-pepper base sauce.

And last but not least – the rakia!

That’s right folks, you guessed it. Raketa Rakia Bar’s (what gave it away?) specialty is their vast selection of rakia – the traditional Bulgarian drink – a moonshine-like spirit drink.

It’s made from all sorts of fruits and nuts and Raketa serves all variations! You can also get it with honey and herbs. We personally recommend the “Burgas 63” one, so make sure to try that out!

Keep in mind though that our rakias are very strong, so make sure not to down yours like a shot. The Bulgarian way to drink it is to sip it while enjoying a salad before the main course.

3. MoMa Bulgarian Food and Wine

Bulgarian restuarant interior

Location: ul. “Solunska” 28, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: Temporarily Closed

Moma is another unique traditional Bulgarian place: it’s positioned in an old Bulgarian 3-story house from the 30’s preserved to look old-fashioned and traditional.

You can also find a well-preserved collection of old Bulgarian cook books displayed in one of the rooms.

Moma’s menu consists of truly traditional Bulgarian cuisine, many of the recipes being passed down from generations to generations. They have a few specialties we definitely recommend you try: the “Moma” salad, the traditional plato of grilled meats and the “banitsa” with rose Turkish delight. Each meal is served with specially picked Bulgarian white or red wines.

The place also has a garden seating area and is known for being visited by quite a few celebrities, locals and foreigners alike.

Best Indian Restaurants in Sofia

4. Kohinoor

Indian restaurant in Sofia, interior

Location: bul. “Gotse Delchev” 67 (Belite Brezi, Sofia)

Working hours: 12 noon to 10:30 pm (Mon-Fri) & 5 pm to 10:30 pm (Sat)

Kohinoor is one of those gems that once you try it, you just can’t stop coming back to it! It’s the best place in Sofia where you can get authentic Indian food which really engages your senses.

You can find all the Indian food classics like naan, papadum, various sauces and spices, tikka masala chicken, tandoori, yellow basmati rice, etc. But they also have a variety of other unique Indian delicacies, such as home made ice cream, halva and more.

The food presentation is beautiful and if you ordered something with a sauce, you’ll get a lot of it!

The restaurant has two floors, each decorated to look the part with lots of Indian motifs, statues and paintings.

5. Taj Mahal

Interior of an Indian restaurant in Sofia

Location: “11-ti avgust” str. 11, Sofia center

Working hours: 11:30 am to 11 pm (Mon-Sun)

This restaurant is also one of the few in Sofia to offer an authentic Indian cuisine experience. They have a great meal selection, covering all bases. Their menu is also particularly rich in vegetarian options and fish.

Something they’re specifically known for though is their dhal (lentil soup). We’ve tried it, it’s delicious, they’ve gotten the consistency just right and the spices are on point.

The interior is mesmerizing, everything from the chairs and curtains to the lighting is made to feel like you’re sitting in a restaurant in India.

Best Moroccan Restaurant in Sofia

6. Anette

Interior of a Moroccan restaurant in Sofia

Location: ul. “Angel Kanchev” 27, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 10 am to Midnight (Mon-Sun)

As far as we know Anette is the only Moroccan restaurant in Sofia and we don’t really mind: this place is all you need!

The atmosphere is great, you can tell they put a lot of effort in it. From chairs, tables, cushions and tableware to all the decorations, it very much makes for a very interesting feel while you’re dining.

They also have both inside and outside seating. And a big plus is the location – in the dead center of Sofia, right next to Vitosha street (the most popular street you will for sure know after visiting). Another plus is the fact that you can make a reservation fast and easy online via their website.

We recommend starting with their traditional tea, served in traditional teapots. Other than that, to be honest, all the food we’ve tried there has been really good and rich in flavour. The chef and I personally recommend the Moroccan couscous. As an addition you can of course also get a nice Shisha for your table.

Best Korean Restaurants in Sofia

7. Cup & Roll Center

Korean dish

Location: bulevard Cherni vrah, Sofia 1142 Bulgaria

Working hours: 11 am – 7 pm (Thu-Tue)

This place is one of Sofia’s most popular Korean restaurants. The interior is pretty unique but not too decorated, however, apart from the food of course, one thing that really makes it special is that it also has a Korean shop, filled with all sorts of interesting Korean things, including Korean food and K-pop band merch and CDs.

As for food, you can find all Korean classics here, including ramen and Bibimbap. We also recommend ordering and trying some of the Korean beers they offer.

The staff speaks English and the service is quite fast. The joint has two floors.

8. Korean Restaurant Yun

Korean dish

Location: ul. “Elemag” 34, 1113 g.k. Izgrev, Sofia

Working hours: 11:30 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

This place is perhaps a bit of a hidden gem, only popular with locals and a bit outside the center of the city.

However! The food they have there is truly amazing. The presentation is absolutely beautiful and they have great variety starting with salads and ending in desserts.

The interior isn’t anything special (although some people say it’s quite authentic), but the quality of the food really is enough to make you love this place.

9. Korean Restaurant Korea

A collection of Korean dishes

Location: ulitsa “Professor Georgi Zlatarski” 5, 1700 Kv. Vitosha, Sofia

Working hours: 11:30 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sat)

That’s right folks, restaurant “Korea” serves…well, Korean food.

But that’s not all. They, much like the Yun restaurant described above, are a bit off the beaten track. But well worth the visit! The food is absolutely delicious. You can find something for every taste preference. They have BIG variety, from squid to kimchi pancakes.

They also have a small garden where they fresh pick the herbs for the meals. They have indoor and outdoor seating, including a kids playground outside.

Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Sofia

10. Umamido

Ramen dish and beer in a Japanese restaurant in Sofia

Location: ul. “Stefan Karadzha” 12B, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 12 noon to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

Now this place is top tier. It’s the go-to place if you’re craving the best and most authentic Japanese ramen, which is what they specialize in. It’s truly delicious and has a lot of varying toppings and levels of spiciness.

This restaurant also serves some sake and homemade tea and lemonade.

Keep in mind though that the place doesn’t accept card payments, so make sure to go there with cash. Frankly the taste of their ramen is well-worth that hassle.

11. The Sushi Bar

Sushi platter at a sushi restaurant in Sofia

Location: ul. “Ivan Denkoglu” 18, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 12 noon to 11:30 pm (Mon-Sun)

This one’s a personal favourite of mine.

The Sushi Bar is situated in the heart of the center, so the location is very convenient. It’s very cozy and definitely creates an authentic atmosphere.

They have great sets of sushi, but they don’t stop there. They also offer Japanese spring rolls, salads, fish and noodles, as well as some desserts. The tapioca pudding with chocolate, mango and coconut chips is a personal favourite of mine and something I had never tried before.

They also serve Japanese beers and some very good old wines. Plus, they make their own ice green tea with mint and lime.

The venue is not very big and it’s very popular, so make sure to reserve beforehand!

12. Happy Sushi Bar & Grill

A sushi platter at a sushi restaurant in Sofia

Location: ulitsa „Georgi S. Rakovski“ 145, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 12 noon to 11 pm (Mon-Sun)

Ok, there’s no way we’re making a Sofia restaurants list without including this one!

Happy is a very popular chain in Bulgaria. They serve Greek, Italian, Bulgarian and other foods, depending on what theme they’re doing at the moment, but sushi is specifically something they specialize in and are loved for.

The interior is also really cozy and just makes you wanna stay there for the whole night. They have awesome and creative decorations all over, including musical instruments and paintings.

They have a large staff, so you get served quickly and all of them are very friendly and speak English.

Want to try some of the best sushi sets in Sofia? Go to Happy Sushi Bar & Grill.

Best Thai restaurant in Sofia

13. Royal Thai

A selection of Thai dishes at a Thai restaurant in Sofia

Location: ul. “Slavyanska” 24, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 12 noon to 11 pm (Mon-Sun)

If you’re in Sofia and find yourself craving some Thai food, this is the place to go.

This place is actually Sofia’s only Thai restaurant, but it’s so good that you don’t really need another one.

Interior is very nice and cozy. The lighting is quite unique considering the chandeliers are actually Thai umbrellas.

The food in my opinion is delicious, but also keep in mind I’ve heard some of it is not quite like the original thing.

You can, however, find all sorts of dishes with varying tastes from sweet, sour and spicy. Levels of spicy vary, so it’s suitable for all tastes. I personally recommend the red curry and coconut ice cream.

Best Burger Joints in Sofia

14. Boom! Burgers

Burgers at a burger place in Sofia

Locations: ul. “Karnigradska” 15, 1000 Sofia Center / bul. “Tsar Osvoboditel” 12, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 12 noon to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

Boom! Burgers is an amazing place to visit if you’re craving big fat juicy meaty burgers while in Sofia. They make your mouth water just by looking at them. Combine that with some of their fries and a coke or milkshake and you’re in heaven.

Boom! Burgers always look exactly like their promotional pictures (unlike, you know, most mainstream food chain burger places).

And they offer many different types to fit any craving. My friends and I personally love the “Stoner’s Delight”, because it’s jam-packed with cheese, including mozzarella sticks that melt in your mouth!

They also do new themed burgers every month, so you can always try something new that the masterminds behind Boom Burgers have made.

P.S. The “Tsar Osvoboditel” location also doubles as a bar, so you can find a full-stocked booze section, including some exclusive cocktails. So if you’re in the area, make sure to check that one out!

15. The Burger Faktory

Burger and chips at a burger place in Sofia

Location: ulitsa “Akademik Stefan Mladenov” 46, 1700 Studentski Kompleks, Sofia

Working hours: 11 am to Midnight (Mon-Sun)

The Burger Faktory (yes, spelled with a “k”) is another must-go-to burger joint in Sofia.

They are professionals at what they do – whatever monstrous burger you can think of, they will cook it and they will cook it well.

Want to eat a 5-level tower of a burger? You got it.

You want your burger with bacon, onion rings, EXTRA sauce and three types of patties? You got it, you beautiful weird you.

Combine your big fatty, juicy burger with some of their delicious seasoned fries and some coke and you have the best hangover food Sofia has to offer.

16. Skaptobara

Burgers, fries and beers at a burger place in Sofia

Locations: Iskar 11A / Tsar Shishman 20 / Mall of Sofia

Working hours: (in location consecutive order) 11 am to Midnight (Mon-Sun) / 11 am to Midnight (Mon-Fri) & 12 noon to Midnight (Sat-Sun) / 10 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

Skaptobara is perhaps the most well-known burger place in Sofia.

They offer a variety of burgers, all of which are big and juicy and absolutely delicious. They also serve some amazing fries portions, such as the cheddar fries with jalapenos (as seen in the picture above).

But while they’re famous for their burgers, what Skapto really stands out with is their vibe. They have soft couches, old nintendos and odd books laying around. Basically it feels like you’re chilling in your college dorm room.

Best Pizza Places in Sofia

17. Franco’s Pizza

Close up of a pizza at a pizza place in Sofia

Location: ul. “Han Asparuh” 37, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 11 am to 10:30 pm (Mon-Sun)

Franco’s Pizza is a small pizza place in the center of Sofia.

Their pizzas are AMAZING. I personally have eaten there many times, always with different people and all of them have loved the food.

They’re not stingy on ingredients, so you get a nice big pizza with rich toppings and tastes.

They also offer a small selection of salads and desserts, including a sweet nutella pizza!

Order the house wine or some beer to go with and you’ve got the full taste-bud experience.

They’re constantly jam-packed with both local and international foodies, so make sure to make a reservation beforehand!

18. Leo’s Pizza & Trattoria

Pizza at a pizza place in Sofia

Location: bul. “Nikola Y. Vaptsarov” 57, 1000 Promishlena zona Hladilnika

Working hours: 12 noon to 11 pm (Mon-Sun)

Leo’s pizza is another pizza place where the pizzas are truly scrumptious. Between me and my friends it has gotten the name “That place with the delicious pizzas”.

If you like your pizzas truly Italian style, then this is just the right place.

Plus their menu is extremely rich. They offer a wide variety of salads, starters, pastas, lasagnas, meat and fish dishes. Which are also very delicious and Italian style based.

So it’s a particularly good place for a big group of friends where not everyone is feeling like pizza.

19. Felicità

Pizza at a pizza place in Sofia

Location: ul. “Iskar” 11, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 11:30 am to 11 pm (Mon-Sun)

Felicita is another authentic Italian restaurant with a BIG variety of meals on the menu.

Their pizzas are of course the main thing they’re popular for, but they also offer a lot of really good starters, pastas, meat dishes and even seafood.

They have a happy hour for every food and drink section so chances are you’re gonna get a discount on something.

They also have a very rich selection of wines.

Best Brunch Places in Sofia

20. Mekitsa and Coffee

Traditional Bulgarian breakfast mekitsas at a brunch place in Sofia

Location: ul. “Graf Ignatiev” 28, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 9 am to 2 pm (Mon-Fri) & 9 am to 6 pm (Sat-Sun)

This place’s name actually comes from the traditional Bulgarian breakfast pastry “mekitsa”. It’s round, it’s soft and it’s usually topped with jam, nutella or just plain powdered sugar.

Mekitsa and Coffee offer a VARIETY of mekitsas though, both sweet and salty/savory.

From the sweet ones I personally recommend the Nutella and banana and the cream cheese and jam.

From the salty ones – the ham and cream cheese and the lukanka and yellow cheese.

The venue itself is kind of like a small cafe. Nice and cozy. Perfect for some traditional Bulgarian brunch. And don’t worry, the staff speak English.

21. Rainbow Factory

Brunch food at a brunch place in Sofia

Location: ul. “Veslets” 10, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 8 am to 4 pm (Mon-Fri) & 9 am to 4 pm (Sat-Sun)

Rainbow factory is very often my go-to place for a quick brunch. Each day they have a different selection of breakfast and lunch meal options. All of it is freshly cooked and a lot of it is delicious Bulgarian food, like banitsa and moussaka.

They also offer some sandwiches, which are hands down my favourite in the city. If you visit Rainbow Factory, we can’t recommend the Bacon and Goat Cheese Mousse sandwich enough!

It’s a small venue, but it has both indoor and outdoor seating, so there’s usually room, but you can also take your food to go.

The staff is really friendly and they speak English.

Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Sofia

22. Soul Kitchen

Vegan dishes at a vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Sofia

Location: ul. “Kokiche” 13, 1164 g.k. Lozenets

Working hours: 11 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

Soul Kitchen is a mostly vegan restaurant (with the exception of just a few vegetarian dishes).

What’s unique about them is that they offer a variety of foods, such as pizzas, pastas, pancakes and more, all of which vegan. The pizza base is einkorn wheat.

We strongly recommend trying one of their unique pizzas. They taste amazing, even if you’re not a vegan!

Trying all of their dips is also very strongly recommended – they have hummus, eggplant and avocado dips.

The interior is also really pleasant. Very cozy, homey and modern. They also have outdoor seating.

23. Sun Moon

A collection of vegan and vegetarian dishes

Location: ul. “6-ti septemvri” 39, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 8 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

Sun Moon is another popular vegetarian and vegan place. A bit smaller, but it has both indoor and outdoor seating.

It’s right smack in the center of the city, so the location is convenient and it has a nice view of one of Sofia’s busiest streets.

They offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, such as stews, soups and tortillas.

The food is delicious, the interior’s sunny and cozy, so if you’re looking for a vegetarian / vegan place in the center of Sofia, Sun Moon is the place to go.

24. Dream House

Big table of vegan and vegetarian dishes at a vegan/vegetarian restaurant

Location: ulitsa „Alabin I. Vl.” 50, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia

Working hours: 11 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

Dream house is a two-story cozy, colorful and creatively decorated venue with lots and lots of vegetarian and vegan food options.

The environment is really nice and the food is delicious, be it the hummus, soups, coconut almond curry or really anything else you might order.

The location is in the dead center of the city, albeit pretty hidden. Look for the BarFly sign and you’ll find them right next to the said bar.

Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Sofia

25. Cosmos

A rose-shaped dessert set on fire with a blue flame

Location: Lavele St 19, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 10 am to 9 pm (Mon-Fri) & 9 am to 9 pm (Sat-Sun)

When it comes to fine dining, Cosmos is definitely a restaurant that fits the bill.

It’s more expensive than other places, but well worth it, since you’re paying for the full fine dining experience.

The food plating is one of their biggest strengths. They use things like caramel foam and the whole thing just blows your mind with how much care and creativity went into it.

One way you can go about dining at Cosmos is ordering the tasting menu – it’s a full-course meal, which allows you to try different dishes they offer and at least from personal experience, each dish was delicious and beautifully presented. As for desserts, they melt in your mouth!

As a whole, Cosmos offers a must-try experience – their food is delicious, the presentation is a feast for the eyes and the place itself is very cozy, beautiful and artsy.

26. Niagara Restaurant

Interior of a fine dining restaurant in Sofia

Location: ulitsa “Krichim” 1, 1407 g.k. Lozenets / ul. “Doyran” 2, 1612 g.k. Belite brezi

Working hours: 11 am to 11:30 pm (Mon-Sun) / 11:30 am to 11:30 pm (Sun-Fri) & 10 am to 4 am (Sat)

Every local has heard of Niagara restaurant and/or has been to it at least once, when they felt like fine dining.

The restaurant definitely falls in the fine dining category, as it has a luxurious and cozy atmosphere and the food’s quite sophisticated.

They offer a collection of over 200 Bulgarian and foreign wines, and the staff are skilled at suggesting food and drinks that fit the guests’ tastes and occasion.

They also have garden seating and fireplaces, which adds to the atmosphere and comfort.

This place is perfect for both fancy romantic dinners and business meetings. Niagara even has discrete seating if you want that extra privacy.

27. Este Restaurant

Interior of a baroque styled restaurant in Sofia, gold/yellow motifs

Location: ul. “Nikolay Haytov” 3, 1113 g.k. Iztok

Working hours: 11:30 am to 11 pm (Mon-Sun)

Now Este Restaurant is quite the unique place. If you’re looking for fancy, THIS is fancy.

The restaurant has a baroque, “Louis XIV” style (as seen in the picture above), making you feel quite royalty-like dining there.

It also has garden seating (with a fountain), which is just as exquisite as the interior. Este also offers a private VIP room for up to 12 guests.

All seating has individual heating, lighting and TV, including the garden seating.

The food is delicious and the plating is always top tier, on par with what you’d see on the biggest chef competitions.

Yes, dining here is a bit more pricey, but well worth it with the atmosphere and food being an entire new posh experience.

Best One-of-a-kind Restaurants in Sofia

A list of places that are unique in some way and that not everyone knows about, locals included!

28. TenebrisSmall portion of a dish at a "dine-in-the-dark" restaurant

Location: ul. “Han Asparuh” 65, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 6 pm to 10 pm (Wed-Sun)

Tenebris is a restaurant which represents the “Dine in the dark” concept. If you haven’t heard of it before, allow me to explain.

This place follows in the footsteps of the first “Dine in the dark” restaurant opened in France by Michael Reilhac.

What happens is that when you get to the restaurant, you and your companion(s) get blindfolded and you get taken into a room covered in complete darkness.

All of your items which can emit light get taken away too – phones, watches, etc.

So you’re left with just your party to focus on with your other senses. And trust me, the conversations get a lot more interesting this way.

You get served food, which you can’t see but on your way out you get to guess what you had.

Such places also strongly support the employment of blind people, so a lot of the waiters serving you the food are actually blind.

Tenebris is a very interesting and exciting new experience, which we strongly recommend. Give it a go if you’re brave enough!

29. AvoJoy

Interior of a restaurant in Sofia focused entirely on avocados

Location: str. Neofit Rilski 43 Sofia, Bulgaria, 1000

Working hours: 10 am to 10 pm (Mon-Sun)

AvoJoy is a small-ish food place in the center of Sofia, which is unique in that all they serve is food made out of avocado!

Yes, it’s true and there are no exceptions to this rule on the menu, apart from the drinks, but they do serve avocado smoothies!

You can get everything from a starter to dessert, all made with avocados. Avocado sandwiches, avocado burgers (there are no buns, the top and bottom are avocado halves!) and avocado ice cream are just to name a few.

And it’s not the food that’s avocado-themed, either. Literally every wall or table in the restaurant has avocado-related art on it.

All in all, AvoJoy is an amazing experience (if you’re into avocados of course).

30. Hummusbar

Hummus dishes at a hummus restaurant

Location: ul. “Graf Ignatiev” 46, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 11:30 am to 10:30 pm

Hummusbar, like AvoJoy, has its own food theme. In this case, you guessed it, hummus!

All of their dishes come with a ton of hummus variations: there are meat options, vegetarian options, vegan options, you name it.

They also serve their own homemade lemonade which is delicious.

Hummusbar is also particularly good for when you’re looking for a food place which both meat-eaters and vegetarians/vegans will love just the same.

31. Pri Orlite

Food and wine at a restaurant in the foreground and a view of the city Sofia in the background

Location: ul. “Dyakon Ignatiy” 11, 1000 Sofia Center

Working hours: 12 noon to Midnight (Mon-Sun)

Pri Orlite (translates to “with the eagles”) is a restaurant with a prime 360° panorama view of Sofia.

Situated on top of a building in the dead center of Sofia, it is unique in that no other restaurant offers such a view in Sofia.

The view encompases the city center, the Vitosha mountain and highlights some of Sofia’s most popular monuments and buildings from above.

They offer their own unique selection of dishes and Bulgarian wines from some of the best wine cellars around.

The place is quite hard to pinpoint, but we strongly recommend you try! Even locals struggle to find it, most don’t even know about it to be honest, so it’s quite the hidden gem.

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