The 11+ Best Sofia Clubs in 2020 (For Every Type of Person)

Sofia Nightlife is distinguished by its vibrant clubbing scene.

Sofia’s BEST clubs offer diverse themes, styles, and purpose.

There’s something out here for everyone, including:

  • Dance clubs with all sorts of music variety (hip hop, RnB, rock, you name it!)
  • Concert clubs with live music
  • Techno & EDM clubs
  • Bulgarian chalga clubs

…And so much more!

Whatever kind of experience you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it in Sofia.

Without further adieu, let’s dive in to explore the BEST Sofia clubs in 2020!

11+ Best Sofia Clubs (That You HAVE TO Visit)

#0 – Sofia Pub Crawl

Sofia Pub Crawl posing for a picture before going to a Sofia club

OK Ok, Sofia Pub Crawl is NOT exactly a club, but we thought you might want to know about it anyway 🙂

Sofia Pub Crawl – a dedicated pub crawl of the best bars and pubs of Sofia, that will take you to one of the amazing Sofia clubs on this list at the very end.

So for just 10 Euros you get:

  • An English-speaking guide who knows their way around the Sofia
  • Drinking games, welcoming shots and a company of 20+ fellow crawlers
  • Visit 3 of some of the BEST Sofia bars and pubs
  • End your night at the incredible Sofia Clubs that you will find on this list

Ok, now let’s find out what are the BEST Sofia clubs?

#1 – Terminal 1

man crowd surfing in a Sofia club Terminal 1

Prices: Standard

Music: Everything from international club bangers, 80s and 90s classics, alternative rock, underground rap, and even local band performances. Terminal 1’s revolving music selection changes every weekday.

Location: str. “Angel Kanchev” 1

What to Expect:

One of the first places that comes to mind when you ask “What is the best club in Sofia?”

With its aviation theme, Terminal 1 connects you to one of Sofia’s most distinctive nightlife destinations. Time flies at Terminal 1 with its First Class experience!

Ok, puns aside, Terminal 1 needs to be on your radar as the most popular Sofia club and a MUST-SEE during your visit to Sofia.

Terminal 1 keeps its nightlife fresh with its variety of music and nightlife entertainment..

With two spacious levels, the club serves up different environments.

The top floor contains plenty of seating, a wardrobe, smoking room, individual bar, and even a smoke hologram.

No, I won’t explain what a smoke hologram is, you’re gonna have to see it for yourself!

On the ground level, you will find two fully-stocked bars, a chilled-out game space, a giant performance stage, and of course – the dance floor!

Terminal 1 is a model urban club that you can always have fun in, no matter your preferences.

#2 – Sugar

foreigners and locals dancing in Sofia club Sugar

Prices: Standard

Music: Rap, R&B, Trap, House and everything in between. Sugar goes hard.

Location: str. “Knyaz Boris” 121.

What to Expect:

Sugar is a hardcore Rap, RnB and Trap club that is super popular amongst foreigners.

This club is made up of two large floors:

First floor is where the majority of action happens, with a large dance floor, DJ booth, a huge bar that stretches along one wall and a number of seats and standing tables for your drinks on the opposite side.

The second floor is for when you need a breather from all the dancing and just need to chill.

You can find a different bar with more comfortable seating space.

The music there is more “relaxed” and you can even order some shisha – a staple of Sofia clubs!

With these two components, Sugar is a perfect Sofia club for both hanging out and going hard.

#3 – Petak.

customers lining up to the bar of Sofia club Petak

Prices: Affordable

Music: International bangers, popular remixes and sometimes even Bulgarian rap. You definitely want to hear that one!

Location: str. “General Yosif V. Gourko” 21.

What to Expect:

Petak means Friday, and that is definitely a club that you should visit on a Friday night.

One of the first things that you will notice is that it’s a large hangar that has been converted into a Sofia nightclub.

Before you even enter the dance-floor you will see that outside the club is a large outside area where people can smoke, drink, cool down from the dancing, and most importantly hangout and talk.

You can often see familiar faces here, or even find a fun group for the night!

Inside however is a huge dance floor with an equally huge bar. There are some sitting places on the sides, but be sure to check out the second floor by the DJ stand, there is a smaller bar there.

Petak also has a schedule of diverse events and themes that you can check out. So even if you can’t enjoy the music and dancing on Friday, other days of the week should have something fun for you to do in Petak!

This is the kind of club you can visit multiple times during the night and see something new, every visit.

#4 – Yalta.

DJ posing for the crowd in Sofia club Yalta

Prices: Luxury

Music: EDM and Techno

Location: bul. “Tsar Osvoboditel” 20

What to Expect:

The biggest techno club in Sofia with sixty years of electro dance history behind it.

Giant dance-floor, multi-colored strobe lights, disco balls and an elevated DJ stage – Yalta will elevate your night to a whole new level with its EDM atmosphere!

There are constant new and exciting events with both local and international DJs giving it their all.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a huge concert or a smaller event for a niche genre, you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay in this EDM club.

Yalta is perfect for party freaks and techno lovers alike.

#5 – Tell Me.

DJ working at Sofia club Tell Me


Prices: Affordable

Music: House, Lo-fi and Chill

Location: str. “Ivan Vazov” 12

What to Expect:

Tell Me is a lesser known Sofia bar-club for the alternative crowd.

It’s great for both dancing to some techno beats and also chilling with a nice drink.

It’s super welcoming and inviting unlike most clubs which prefer to keep things exclusive.

You can always find an interesting company and have a great conversation with locals about Sofia and Bulgaria in general.

A lot of foreigners visit this club for this exact reason.

That and also the fact that you can chill and dance in the same establishment, which is ideal for spending your whole night there.

#6 – Club 33.

Sofia Club 33 full with people and dancers


Prices: Luxury

Music: Bulgarian Folk-Pop – AKA – “Chalga”

Location: str. “Atanas Manchev” 3

What to Expect:

Now while visiting Bulgaria, one must absolutely check out a Chalga club for authentic local experience.

These folk-pop clubs represent Bulgarian mix of tradition and modernity – all packed into a jolly club experience.

And Club 33 is one of the best chalga clubs in Sofia!

There are actually a lot of crazy unexpected things you will see and experience if you have never been to a Chalga club before.

First of all, the charming Chalga music. It has the high-energy beat of pop music combined with the flowing traditional instruments of Bulgaria.

It might take a while at first, but it will grow on you and it won’t be long before you are dancing shoulder to shoulder with a couple friendly locals!

Second is paper tissues.

No, I am serious.

Grabbing a bunch of “salfetki” (tissues) and throwing them around the club to make it rain is tradition in Chalga clubs.

So when you see it in Club 33, know that It’s not littering, it’s just silly fun!

And lastly, Rakia (Bulgarian Moonshine) and Nargele (Shisha and Hookah) – the two most important components to a true Bulgarian night!

Club 33 offers some great Rakia shots and has amazing Shisha service, so make sure to order some on your visit.

Just keep the Shisha embers away from the tissues!

If you wish to learn more about the unique ways Sofia people like to party, check out this Sofia Nightlife article!

#7 – Bedroom Premium Club.

a fancy party inside Sofia club Bedroom

Prices: Luxury

Music: Atmospheric House Mixes

Location: str. “Lege” 2

What to Expect:

Now if you are looking for a fancy high-end Sofia club, then look no further than Bedroom.

Sleek colors, marble motifs and pastel gold – this club’s atmosphere is straight out of a Luxury Channel

This is the kind of place you should visit if you have money to spare and a fancy outfit ready.

Everything about Bedroom is about that “top of the line” experience:

Ordering a drink?

Gotta go for Chivas Regal.

Ordering a Shisha?

Gotta go for the over the top mix with milk and ice.

Trying to get to the bar?

Gotta walk past the exotic dancer stage.

Ok, ok you don’t have to do everything above and beyond, but if you are in a fancy place such as Bedroom why not dish out a little extra to have a very EXTRA night!

Also there are waiters, so you don’t actually have to get to the bar yourself. Yeah it’s THATt fancy of a club.

#8 – PM.

the bright lights of Sofia club PM

Prices: Luxury

Music: Atmospheric House Mixes… I am starting to see a pattern here…

Location: str. “Pozitano”

What to Expect:

Another high-class Sofia club to satisfy your luxury cravings is PM.

PM has a more classy and elegant feel to it, the kind of place to make you feel like a VIP.

But the vibrant design of the ceiling mosaics and lighting give it that modern and cool feel, so that you know you can have a proper party in this place.

And you really would want to party hard because PM often features some of the best guest DJs, both local and international.

But even if you are not up for dancing you can always enjoy your own comfortable private tables, which are perfect for birthdays, bachelor parties and other events in your life to celebrate.

#9 – Carrusel.

top-side view of the Sofia club Carrusel dance-floor

Prices: Luxury

Music: Exotic Club Dance Music

Location: str. “Georgi S. Rakovski” 108

What to Expect:

Just like the name suggests, Carrusel is quite the carnival of a party club.

Carrusel is a sight to behold, the first floor is reserved entirely for the dancefloor with a giant disco ball above the bar in the middle, while the second floor, where the tables are, gives a great view of the entire club.

It is essentially a club-atrium!

Incredible events, guest DJs and overall vibrant atmosphere creates quite a magical place to visit.

Be sure to checkout their regular events, such as:

The Jam, an every thursday disco party where you get to listen to afro funk and other crazy music.

Or the Night Circus, – an incredible experience with exotic dancers!

#10 – Maze.

the jazz stage of Sofia club Maze

Prices: Affordable

Music: Sometimes Jazz, sometimes normal club music

Location: str. “Hristo Belchev” 1

What to Expect:

An underground Sofia bar-club for your soul…

What I am trying to say is that Maze is this somewhat hidden club that often hosts local jazz and blues bands, and definitely rocks that Noir atmosphere.

And it’s physically underground.

You can dance, you can drink or even play some table football, and ofcourse watch the local bands perform some sweet music.

Just like a real maze, this club is much bigger than you think. Walk through the narrow corridors and you will find even more space behind the stage and the bar. So Maze can get pretty packed on a busy night.

#11 – Mixtape 5.

the concert crowd at Sofia club Mixtape 5

Prices: Standart

Music: Concerts and Bands

Location: In the underground passage of Lovers bridge, at bul. “Cherni Vrah”.

What to Expect:

Mixtape 5 is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get…

It’s an underground club that acts as a venue for bands and concerts of ALL kinds.

Seriously, the range and creativity of the bands that perform in Mixtape 5 is phenomenal.

Sometimes it’s Punk Jazz, sometimes it’s a tribute to your favorite bands, other times a badass local metal band or an incredible DJ.

I’d say the best way to experience Mixtape is just to go in blind and enjoy the show!


We hope you enjoyed this best Sofia clubs list and found it useful!

May it help enhance YOUR nightlife in Sofia.

Oh, but if you are more interested in bars and pubs of Sofia, we also have a list of the best Sofia bars of 2020!

And if you need something to do during daytime we got you covered with this awesome things to do in Sofia article!

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