Discover the 11+ Best Sofia Bars (Loved by Locals)

The Bulgarian capital – Sofia, has become quite a popular destination for nightlife tourism.

The city is teeming with a variety of pubs, bars and clubs, all promising great quality alcohol at unbelievably low prices, a wide range of musical genres and most importantly a friendly and fun company.

Students from all over Europe, adventurous Americans and Canadian tourists, international businessmen looking to finally relax on a weekend – all flock to the Sofia nightlife to have a good time.

We are going to give you a list of some of the best Sofia bars and pubs you can find on your next trip to Bulgaria.

The sheer variety of choice should allow you to find the perfect bar to suit your tastes.

Now, let’s get started! Some of the best Sofia bars are…

12 Amazing Sofia Bars That You HAVE TO Visit!

#1 – Sofia Pub Crawl

sofia pubcrawl gathering on stairs

Alright, Sofia Pub Crawl is not a bar or a pub… It’s something even better. SPC is a guided tour of the bеst Sofia bars, pubs, and clubs!

We organize a tour every Friday and Saturday, taking you through 3 of the best Sofia bars and clubs, ending the night at one of the best clubs in town at around 12 PM.

The tour costs 20 BGN (that’s just 10 Euros), and gets you:

  • A tour of 3 bars and a club
  • Free welcome shots in each of the bars
  • Your very own fun English-speaking guide
  • Drinking games!
  • Free entrance to one of the best clubs in town

Sounds awesome, right? Join us in front of the Sofia Courthouse every Friday or Saturday at 8:30 PM!

Or, reserve your spot now.*

*Looking for day-time activities in Sofia? For the best tours, sights, must-see places, and so on, check out our post on things to do in Sofia in 2020!

#2 – Magic Bar

man preparing drinks in a sofia bar Magic

You can find Magic Bar here.

A chill and relaxed bar that celebrates the history of magical entertainment. In Magic Bar you can find anything from card tricks, illusionist toys, sleight of hand and other homage to both street performers and legendary magicians alike.

Not only can the bartenders provide you with a tasty cocktail, but if you ask nicely, they will even perform some magic tricks for you!

#3 – McCarthy’s

people sitting at the irish bar in sofia

You can find McCarthy’s here.

Also known as the “Irish Bar”, McCarthy’s is a cozy pub that overlooks the Sofia center. Inside you will instantly hear English chatter and be amazed by the amount of foreigners there.

So grab a pint of Guinness or the incredible Kilkenny, sit down on the comfy stools and have a chat. That is, if you are not already singing at the Karaoke stage. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how many incredible voices can be found at McCarthy’s late Friday night!

#4 – Bar Dak -2

shots are being poured in a bar

You can find Bar Dak -2 here.

If you’re looking for something more of a local gem, you HAVE TO try Bar Dak -2.

Down the stairs, past the Rick and Morty mural and into a dimly lit space – you will find yourself at the Bar Dak.

This spacious bar is both good for sitting down with a beer or a heavier drink and also showing off your dance moves on the dance floor. A useful trivia to know – you can order whatever song you want from the DJs.

Doesn’t matter how late at night it is in Sofia, you can always find good company at this bar.

#5 – Maze

dark drink in a jar inside Maze bar

You can find Maze here.

Maze is a bar club that just radiates that urban underground energy.

The interior is large, dark and twisty – just like its name suggests. On one side you will find a stage where local performers and bands like to entertain the guests. On the other side, under bright lights, you will find table football to play while drunk.

There is certainly something for everyone in this bar club.

#6 – Rabbit Hole

mic on a stool in front of Rabbit Hole wall

You can find Rabbit Hole here.

Walk down the Rabbit Hole and you will find yourself in Wonderland.

Cushioned seats to your right, tall tables to your left, a bar in the back and plenty of dancing space – Rabbit Hole is the perfect place to start a night. The outside area is also perfect for getting fresh air, smoking and having a chat with other patrons.

Oh, and make sure to check out the beautiful art in the bathroom!

#7 – Barfly

people enjoying a pub crawl inside Barfly

You can find Barfly here.

Fly is a bar in the center of Sofia that is perfect for drinking in a large group. There are many large tables and spaces to accommodate all your friends and pals.

There is always large traffic of bar hoppers going through this place. You can find a good company either inside the bar while drinking shots or strike up a conversation with the smokers on the stairs outside.

#8 – Amok

view from the behind the bar inside Amok

You can find Amok here.

Amok is the best bar when it comes to chilling and lazing around.

There are large sofas for you to plop down and even two indoor swings to make you feel extra hipster. At the bar you can order unique and custom drinks. (Try Purple Brain, it’s really good!)

Downstairs you will find even more space and a large stage that is usually used for stand up comedy.

#9 – BarBarossa

bloody mary and mojito drinks inside BarBarossa

You can find BarBarossa here.

Do you ever have one of those nights where you just feel like a pirate? Well, come down to BarBarossa, Sofia’s own pirate bar.

Snap a pic of yourself at the ship’s wheel, then get yourself a strong rum. And if you are not afraid of fire, order a Slippery Nipple shot!

#10 – Rock’n’Rolla

busy night inside a sofia bar with blue lights

You can find Rock’n’Rolla here.

Rock’n’Rolla is a giant underground bar that features all the best classic rock and heavy metal.

To your right, you will find the two bars and a stage where local bands will play sometimes. Or if you walk to the left room you will find a Karaoke bar where you can sing all the classics you want!

#11 – Hambara

people sitting in a candlelit sofia bar

You can find Hambara here.

One of the most unique bars in Sofia – Hambara is a tavern straight out of a fantasy world.

Once you enter, you will notice that everything is lit by candlelight, in fact, there is no electricity apart from the beer fridge and music.

So sit down on the heavy wooden tables and experience the otherworldly atmosphere with a nice bottle of beer!

#12 – Tell Me

a white furnished sofia bar

You can find Tell Me here.

“Where did you go last night?”

“Tell me.”

“No, you tell me.”

\“No, I meant tell me.”

Jokes aside, yes – Tell Me is a bar (or club, depending on how you look at it). If you’re a fan of techno, electronic, house, or any variation of the three, you’ll feel right at home!

#13 – Crystal

a busy bar by the park

You can find Crystal here.

Want to hang out at a park, but also feeling like enjoying a bar in Sofia? Why not both? Crystal is a bar at the heart of a mini-park.

You can order anything from a beer to a nice cocktail and drink them at either the bar or at a nearby park bench! Just don’t forget to return the glasses.


I hope you find this recommendation of the best bars and pubs in Sofia quite useful in enhancing your Bulgarian experience.

We hope you enjoy your time, drink responsibly and visit us again!

Still not sure which bars to visit? Then join us for a pub crawl and we’ll show you the best of what Sofia bars and clubs can offer.

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